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There are no upcoming events.

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Do you feel overwhelmed by a problem that seems to have no solution? On this week's Sentinel Watch, our guests share experiences and answer questions that will encourage you to “Never give up!” in the face of long-standing problems.

"The Christianity I a vital, crucial agent for healing in the world," says Christian Science teacher Mary Alice Rose. Rose will share how we can heal by living and loving according to Jesus' teachings. Thurs. June 21, 7:30 PM, Redmond Community Center, 6505 176th Av NE.

What would you think if you saw a sign saying, “Everlasting punishment. All are welcome!”? The good news: There is no such thing. Sentinel Watch explores how God’s everlasting love gives us the ability to break free from past mistakes and find healing.

Get a God's-eye view! Christian Science healer and lecturer Fujiko Signs will discuss how to look at yourself through God’s eyes — and how this brings peace and healing to your life. Sat., June 16, 1:30 pm, Hilton Garden Inn, 1800 NW Gilman Blvd, Issaquah.

Does our past have to determine our future? No! Our guests on Sentinel Watch found a spiritual “off” button that freed them from any power that the past claims to hold over the present. They'll discuss overcoming traumatic memories fully and finally.

Christ Jesus healed multitudes by understanding God's love for us — and realizing our spiritual nature. On this week’s Sentinel Watch, our guests explain how understanding the life and words of Jesus can lead to such healing today.

Come hear José de Dios Mata talk about the power of God as divine Love. He will discuss Jesus' command to love your neighbor as yourself & the worldwide impact this can have. Today at 2 PM in English and 4 PM in Spanish, Christian Science Church, 1405 Federal Way, Sunnyside, WA

Isn’t it wonderful to know you matter? God’s creation wouldn’t be complete without your unique expression of the creator. In this week’s Sentinel Watch, Christian Science healer Michael Pabst explores how vital each individual is to God’s purpose and plan.

Second Church, Spokane, has a collection of MBE hymns arranged as solos, along with other music for piano and organ. They're offering it for free to any church or society. Interested? Click the link for a complete list of what's available and contact info.

Have you ever been judged unfairly because of your race, culture, or background? In this week’s Sentinel Watch, hear how our guests overcame anger and overt racism through seeing themselves and others as God sees us all — as the spiritual image of Himself.

Are prayer and healing for you? "Yes," says Christian Science healer Nate Frederick. "A willingness to see things in a new, more spiritual way, has an effect — for anyone." Hear Nate Fri., May 25, at 7 PM at the D&R Event Center, 122 E Heron St, Aberdeen. More info: 360-533-5049

Harmony doesn't just happen — it's a constant law of God. Josh will explain how everyone can experience the harmony and healing that Jesus pointed to in his ministry. Sunday, May 20, 4–5 pm, Christian Science Church, 13507 Goodnough Dr. NW, Gig Harbor.

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